A rhythm-based action-puzzle game taking you on a musical journey through brutal challenges! 

You solve small cyclical puzzles in a timeframe set by the music rhythm, harvesting “orb energy” and trying to avoid the orbiting comet! 



Crushing puzzles lets you harvest orb energy. Running out of energy means defeat. 
Solve the puzzles by dragging “energy orbs” to the right planets in a timely and safe manner - on one hand, try to get the orbs to the planet before the comet reaches it - and on the other hand, try to avoid hitting the comet or a wrong planet (or else you'll lose energy!!!). Use your skills of precision, speed and problem solving to crush the comet’s orbit! 


Starting as a game jam project framed by the theme of TIME; I tried to make a game that was not really a rhythm game, but an action-packed puzzle-game where the music is rhythmically linked with the gameplay in all sorts of fundamental ways. These include:
- the comet moving in and out of sync with the beat 
- the energy orbs activating in rhythmic patterns
- the music changing in sync with the player progression through a level, underscoring when the player crushes those crucial puzzles!

The game is available for FREE on desktop and mobile (Play Store & App Store)


Wanna learn more about how I made this game? 

Check out: esbennyboe.com/orbitcrusher


Orbit Crusher.zip 83 MB

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