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WELCOME to the most anarchistic, punk and chaotic riot of board games in modern times. You control the humble LUDO-pawn who is on a mission to overthrow the mighty, very skill-based (and certainly not luck-based) chess kingdom. You have had enough of being ridiculed for your dice throwing and now you want revenge on the snoppy old paradigm of “there is no luck in chess; it is a true game of skill and tactics”. Well now you have the chance to knock ‘the system’ out with your dice throwing skills and tactics.

BUTTONS: ‘wasd’ and ‘space’.


  • Fluent player movement and physics-based dice throwing!
  • Enemy waves moving on a tile based grid true to the actual rules of chess!
  • ‘Ragdoll’ - physics!
  • Points system!
  • Lifes system!
  • Two complete levels to try and get the better score in!
  • Complete sound design!

Developed for Minijam 116 on Itch.io in Unity and using Fmod.


Death Chess 1.1.rar


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Really fun game congrats! Really great that you were able to develop something so cool alone! The different movements of the chess pieces force you to play around them in different ways which is really fun the sounds and musics are also on point.

Thank you so much for the awesome feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed the mechanics and sound. 

I can't take all the credit, but apparently I forgot to enable display of contributors, so hey, thanks for reminding me! :D